Natural Fracture Systems in the Southern Rockies


16 full-length papers and 12 abstracts covering a variety of topics on natural fracture systems. Soft-spiral bound, 210 p. 1997


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Table of Contents

Regional Analyses: Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau

  • Multi-Directional Laramide Compression in the Durango Area – Why? – Eric Erslev (p. 1)
  • The Pos-Laramide Joint Network of the Colorado Plateau – Earl R. Verbeek and Marilyn A. Grout (p. 7)

Theoretical & Applied Case Studies

  • Fracture Prediction in Triple-Bed Strata – Ron W. Pritchett (p. 23)
  • Beware of Gravity Fractures and Non-Structural Lineations – John F. Harris and Alan P. Emmendorfer (p. 37)
  • Heterogeneous Joint and Fault Systems in the Navajo Sandstone, Southwestern Utah, and Their Influence on Permeability – Hugh A. Hurlow (p. 41)
  • Directions and Frequency of Natural Jointing in the Royal Gorge Arch, Fremont County, Colorado – Timothy L. Clarey and Ronald B. Chase (p. 53)
  • Fracture Patterns and Fault Architecture in the East Kaibab Monocline – Pauline N. Mollema and Atilla Aydin (p. 63)
  • Preliminary Results of Coal Cleat Studies, Upper Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale, Emery and Sevier Counties, Utah – Steven M. Condon (p. 77)
  • Fracture Studies on the Upper Cretaceous Pictured Cliffs Sandstone and Fruitland Formation, Northern San Juan Basin, La Plata County, Colorado – Steven M. Condon (p. 85)
  • Conjugate Fracture Pairs in the Molina Member of the Wasatch Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado: Implications for Fracture Origins and Hydrocarbon Production/Expoloration – John C. Lorenz (p. 97)
  • Tonal Indicators of Fractured Reservoirs: A Remote Sensing Case Study in the San Juan Basin, Northwestern New Mexico – Arthur J. Pyron (p. 105)

Naturally Fractured Shales

  • Boulder Mancos Field: Development Analogy for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs – George M. Carlstrom (p. 117)
  • The Productive Potential From Fractured Reservoirs in the Carlile Shale of the San Juan Basin – Alan P. Emmendorfer (p. 129)
  • Natural Gas Resource Potential of the Lewis Shale, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado – G. L. Jennings, K. H. Greaves and S. R. Bereskin (p. 131)

Horizontal Drilling Applications

  • Horizontal Exploitation of Oil and Gas-Bearing Natural Fracture Systems in the Cane Creek Clastic Interval of the Pennsylvanian Paradox Formation, Grand and San Juan Counties, Utah – Kenneth W. Grove and David M. Rawlins (p. 133)
  • Fracture Characterization Based on Oriented Horizontal Core from the Spraberry Trend – Davis S. Schechter, John C. Lorenz, Paul McDonald, Tom Sheffield and Charlie Sizemore (p. 135)

Geomechanical & Seismic Interpretations

  • Geomoechanics Approach to Management of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Interrelationship Between Natural Fractures, In-Situ Stress, and Reservoir Permeability Anisotropy – Lawrence W. Teufel (p. 137)
  • Case History: Rulison Field, Colorado, Fracture Detection, Mapping, and Analysis of a Naturally Fractured Gas Reservoir Using P-wave Reflection Seismic – Heloise B. Lynn, K. Michele Simon, and Richard Van Dok (p. 145)
  • Detection of Naturally Fractured Tight Gas Reservoirs: Case Histories from the Uinta and Wind River Basins Using 2-D and 3-D Seismic Data – Dave Phillips, Heloise Lynn, Michele Simon and Richard Van Dok (p. 145)

San Juan Basin Mesaverde Reservoirs

  • Open Apertures, Fracture Orientations, and Their Correlation to Production in the Mesaverde Group in the San Juan Basin – Harry TerBest, Jr (p. 147)
  • Mapping Mesaverde Fractures with 3-D Seismic Data – Gary S. Forrest (p. 149)
  • Use of Microscopic Information for Macrofracture Characterization in Mesaverde Group Sandstones from the Surface and Subsurface of the San Juan Basin – Orlando J. Ortega and Randall Marrett (p. 151)

Three Dimensional Models

  • Three-dimensional Discrete Fracture Models, Nevada and Utah – Lawrence O. Anna (p. 153)
  • New Technology to Identify and Characterize Natural Fractures – W. W. Weiss and Abdel Zellou (p. 155)
  • Drainage Patterns in Naturally Fractured Tight Gas Reservoirs – Hugo Harstad, Lawrence W. Teufel, John C. Lorenz and William H. Babcock (p. 165)

Ground Water & Environmental Issues / Faulting

  • Structural Geology Applied to the Evaluation of Fractured Sedimentary Bedrock Aquifers in the Pinebrook Subdivision, Summit County, Utah – Kelly F. Keighley and James P. Evans (p. 173)
  • Hydrocarbon Contamination and Transport in Fractured Bedrock Aquifers Along the Zuzax Fault, Tijeras Canyon, New Mexico – P. Drakos and J. Lazarus (p. 191)
  • Correlation of Fractured Surface Exposures to Aberrant Oil Production Along the Duchesne Fault Zone, Northeastern Utah – S. R. Bereskin, R. L. Bruhn, A. Groeger and B. A. Marin (p. 203)